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Attorney Daniel T. Fleischer Plantation Attorney Handling Matters Related to Estates, Probate, and Elder Law

Plantation Attorney Handling Matters Related to Estates, Probate, and Elder Law



Why would we recommend D.T.F.? Several Reasons: Your ability to explain complex estate problems, clearly and patiently; your total lack of arrogance and pretense; a strong feeling that you are motivated by what you perceive is best for your client, rather than what would generate the largest legal fees; finally, and importantly, you are a lovely guy.

Two words cannot sum up the entire process of creating my “trust.” I enjoyed your attention to detail, your patience of explaining terms and conditions until I understood, also giving me copies to read and understand. Thank you for your suggestions on what was best for “me” but still allowing me to make my choice. Most of all, thank you for thinking of “me.” Wells Fargo said “you were the best” I cannot deny that. Again thank you very much for everything. Anna is an asset or a compliment to the firm. She is warm and very caring. It was great doing business. Thank you.


Probate Dispute Attorney Boca Raton

Dealing with probate dispute related law in the Boca Raton area can feel overwhelming. Knowing that you have a competent and sympathetic guide to help you through the probate dispute process can make all the difference. If you are struggling to come up with an estate plan, we at Daniel Fleischer Attorney at Law can help.

For over many years, we have served the Boca Raton area, and in that time, seen a wide variety of cases. With our applied experience, our probate dispute strategy is well equipped to handle and address a wide range of probate challenges. Throughout the process, our number one goal is to help Boca Raton area clients avoid default distribution.

Throughout our many years of experience, we have helped clients successfully achieve their probate dispute related goals. Estate planning and other probate dispute related matters can foment difficult feelings of mortality. Therefore, we offer patient, compassionate, and professional service to make your probate dispute situation as painless as possible. If you are in the Boca Raton area and seek guidance in planning your estate, call our team at Daniel Fleischer Attorney at Law today.

One of the most important services Daniel Fleischer Attorney at Law provides are living wills and other advanced directives.  Our probate dispute attorneys know the most up-to-date state laws and regulation for drafting these documents and will ensure your wishes are carried out.  With many years experience, our firm makes it a priority to mentor and train new attorneys in the practice.  We believe this allows everyone in the firm to bring the full weight of our probate dispute experiences to their Boca Raton area client's case.  Contact Daniel Fleischer Attorney at Law using the information below to discuss your situation today:


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